World Antimicrobial Awareness Week
Why we must start addressing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) by pursuing biodynamic health-oriented livestock systems that put animal welfare at their core This year’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) is about…
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COP26 – Why agriculture matters
Sustainable agriculture is vital for successful climate action As the COP26 negotiations take place, it is essential to consider the significant role the current intensive agricultural sector plays in contributing…
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Popularity of Demeter bananas
Fruit from biodynamic farming on the rise What makes Demeter bananas so special? Demeter bananas are different from all other bananas on the market, because they stand for more than…
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Raise your voice for a GMO-free agriculture
Give your feedback to the European Commission’s consultation on new GMOs! With the publication of its working document on “new genomic techniques”, the European Commission has opened the debate again…
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Launch of EU Organic Day
Making organic farming mainstream The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission are signing today a Joint Declaration to celebrate the European Organic Day every…
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Sustainable livestock-based food systems
Horizon 2020 project PATHWAYS will develop sustainable food systems to support Europe’s Farm-to-Fork strategy Transforming Europe’s food system to meet the EU Green Deal goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral…
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Animal Welfare
Animal welfare: our priority Essential part of biodynamic farming Animals, especially cows, play a central role in the farm organism. How come? Cattle in particular are essential, as they provide…
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GMO free Agriculture
#NoGMO The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International stands for a GMO-free agriculture and strongly opposes the new generation of GMOs. The Federation has always taken clear stand for a GMO-free agriculture…
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Demeter quality soil fertility
Climate Action through Agriculture
Our precious planet Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges we as a species face today. Unless we drastically change the way we live, eat and manage our precious…
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crop Demeter quality biodiversity
Biodiversity is priceless
More biodiversity: how biodynamic farming increases the diversity on our fields Biodynamic farming understands the mutual interdependencies in the ecosystem and collaborates with all of nature’s stakeholders. Biodiversity is essential…
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End the Cage Age
Civil society backs promised EU end to cages in farming Together with civil society groups campaigning on environmental protection, public health, sustainable food and farming, rural livelihoods and citizens’ interests, we…
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Europe needs more farmers
Open letter : Europe needs more farmers International Day of Peasant Struggles – 17 April 2021 17 April marks the 25th International Day of Peasant Struggles during which we commemorate…
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Demeter Soil fertility
Soil is the basis for our food We need to protect our soils better! So that more people learn why this is so important, we at Demeter have started the…
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Regulation of new GMOs
Civil society, farmers and business organizations: Vice-President Timmermans, don’t deregulate GM crops & animals Open letter: Regulation of new GMOs Together with 161 other civil society, farmers and business organisations,…
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Demeter farmer France
Agroecology – a respectful approach
An agroecological approach to shape policies and transform food systems Together with 25+ organisations, the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International participated in a joint policy paper insisting on the importance to take into…
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On-farm slaughter
An innovative solution to enhance animal welfare and develop local markets Position paper Given the increasing difficulty for farmers to find slaughterhouses close to their farm, which directly impacts the farmer’s…
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Demeter quality Soil fertility, biodiversity, earthworm
World Soil Day
Connecting humans with soil: time to return to the ground World Soil Day is a day to remember the importance of the soil we are living on. We cannot live…
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Healing the world through agriculture
Human development and care for nature are at the heart of biodynamic farming The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is launching a new film clip presenting the true values of biodynamic…
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Demeter quality no GMO crop
EU: Lacking courage
Another failed vote on the CAP towards a sustainable future This week Brussels finally took a decision about the future of EU food and farming policies as both agriculture ministers…
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