Welcome to our movement – organised in a federational structure

The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) is a non-profit umbrella organisation supporting its member organisations, representing more than 7.000 farmers with about 230.000 ha in 65 countries on all continents. In 36 of these countries, farmers have gathered in biodynamic organisations. Get an overview on this Map.

Activities and Services

  • Support of research activities
  • Training services for farmers, advisors, certifiers, inspectors
  • Protective administration for the trademarks Biodynamic® and Demeter®
  • Certification of farms, processors and traders to the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard
  • Information and promotion to raise awareness for the Demeter trademark and the details about biodynamic farming methods
  • Marketing support for Demeter certified products from biodynamic agriculture
  • Lobbying for better, sustainable, legal frameworks for farmers and consumers
  • Support for new initiatives founding biodynamic organisations

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Character of our Federation

Co-operation on an international level is a challenging, but mutually enriching, task. The biodynamic activities on a Dutch market garden are different from those on an orange grove on the edge of the Negev desert in Israel or arable production on the Argentinean pampas. Marketing in Germany requires a different strategy to that in New Zealand.

The Biodynamic Federation is a contemporary example of co-operation based on commitment, transparency and regional independence.

Members’ Assembly

The Members’ Assembly is the highest body and meets once a year.  It elects the Supervisory Board and the members of the different committees. This body also decides on the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard. The Member’s Assembly gathers organisations from 36 countries worldwide.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board represents the Members Assembly during the year. They set the goals for, and appoint, the Executive Board while providing support by accompanying and reviewing them. During the foundation of the Federation in February 2020, the first Supervisory Board was elected.

Helmy Abouleish


Helmy Abouleish, Egypt – President
Alexander Gerber, Germany – Vice President
Regina Haller, Argentina
Edouard Rousseau, France
Maja Kolar, Slovenia
Bettina Holenstein, Switzerland
Jean-Michel Florin, France
Ueli Hurter, Switzerland

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the development and execution of strategies. They report to the Supervisory Board and the Members Assembly.

Christoph Simpfendörfer, Germany
Alysoun Barrett Bolger, United Kingdom
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Executive Team

The Executive Team reports to the Executive Board and advises the Supervisory Board. In their respective work areas they plan strategies and execute respective activities – in accordance with their committee work and often in direct co-operation with members.

Clara Behr, Belgium
Albrecht Benzing, Germany
Jean-Marie Defrance, France
Dr. Petra Derkzen, Germany
Sarah Fischer, Germany
Cornelia Hauenschild, Denmark
Meet the team

Demeter is no ordinary brand


Different committees advise the Executive Team and the Member’s Assembly. Some committees have decision making powers.

Statutes and Standing Orders

Find out more about our way of working, in our federation structure and in our statutes and standing orders.


Biodynamic farming is growing worldwide and Demeter products are increasing in popularity.

Demeter licensees are to be found in all corners of the globe, demonstrating the use of biodynamic methods successfully, across the full spectrum of climatic conditions. Bananas from the Dominican Republic, tea plantations in India, medicinal herbs in Egypt, the production of meat and wool in New Zealand – everywhere food production is taking place, biodynamic production can be found, adapted to local conditions.

2021 Statistics

In the last decade, biodynamic hectares have increased by 57% and we welcomed more than 2.400 new farmers to our movement (vs. 2011). Product categories for fruit, bananas especially, have seen a huge demand increase. The demand for biodynamic wine has also seen year-on-year growth and today, there are more than 1.000 biodynamic vineyards in 22 countries.

Biodynamic hectares

+3% vs. 2020

Demeter farms

+ 7% vs. 2020

Demeter processors

+7% vs. 2020