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The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is an umbrella organisation of 48 member organisations dedicated to biodynamic agriculture, active in 36 countries all over the world.

The Federation was founded three years ago to unite, promote, and support a worldwide sustainable agri-cultural impulse which will celebrate its centenary in 2024. It has built up a certification for biodynamic farming worldwide labelled with the Demeter brand. This brand is used by more than 7000 certified farms in 62 countries worldwide.

These diverse realities call for integrative leadership, cultural sensitivity and the development of enabling structures for participation, both in the cultural and economic sense.

The Federation is a registered association in Germany with an international executive team of 15 people working from 6 different countries. It is responsible for the administration and protection of the Demeter brand and trademark, setting the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard, approving the related certification process, as well as international market development. The Federation also supports lobbying, communication and training associated with biodynamic practice and Demeter products.

We are looking for an Executive Director to start work on the 1st of October 2023 (or as soon as possible after that date).  The former chief executive is retiring at the end of the year but will be available to ensure a good handover.

Job description

Capacity and team building:

  • You work with an Executive Team and the Supervisory Board ensuring that the mission of the Federation is fulfilled.
  • You support each Team member in the management of his own working area to its best capacities and support the Team as a whole to reach common over-arching decisions in line with the Supervisory Board.
  • You are responsible for the collaborative work and create a positive team spirit within the team and the Supervisory Board.

Change management:

  • You lead the Federation, prepare and accompany the organisation through the current structural change and implement decisions and strategies while making sure to unite the team and the board behind a common vision.

Financial viability:

  • You develop resources and operational models to ensure the financial health of the organisation.
  • You are responsible for fiscal management within the approved budget, ensuring that resources are used to maximum effect, the budget is transparent, monitored and that the organisation’s financial capacities are strengthened.

Operations and human resources:

  • You are responsible for effective operations and signing contractual agreements on behalf of the organisation.
  • You are in charge of hiring and retaining qualified and competent staff.


  • You ensure that the democratic processes of the Federation function well, including the yearly Members’ Assembly, by making sure all internal procedures are followed and all documents are provided in a timely manner to enable well-informed decisions.

Partnerships and collaborations:

  • You form long-term strategic partnerships and nurture collaborative relations with allies and donors.
  • You represent the Biodynamic Federation to the outside and build partnerships and alliances in the broader movement.


  • You have good communication and social skills, the organisational capacity to facilitate participatory processes and the ability to work as part of a team.
  • You have experience with different working areas of the Federation and are curious and willing to learn about others.
  • You have financial management skills (budget preparation, analysis, reporting). Fund-raising experience is an asset.
  • You have solid organisational and management competences (planning, coordinating, delegating, etc.).
  • You are strong in implementing decisions and ensuring their development.
  • You have a good strategic overview and vision.
  • You embrace the core values of the biodynamic movement and are open to its anthroposophical roots.
  • You have strong analytical and synthesis skills to facilitate decision-making processes and support the work in the different areas.
  • You have an understanding of organic market realities.
  • You are empathic, honest and fair. You are able to listen and you welcome feedback.
  • You have diverse language skills: English is of course a necessity, but German would be very important as well for administrative reasons mainly, Spanish would be a great asset.
  • You like frequent travels.

Job description

Find out more by looking at the full job description!

Contact: Jean-Marie Defrance, Head of Administration

Brussels, 15.05.2023

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