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Honey with character

The character of honey reflects its environment, the climate and the well-being of the bees, too, which is reflected in the way they are kept. And you can taste that too. How do we beekeepers attend to our bees? What makes Demeter beekeeping so special?

Without bees – there is no life

Honeybees, along with other insects, are indispensable for the pollination of many wild and cultivated plants, making bees essential for nature and ultimately for human survival. Bees are endangered, which is why Demeter beekeepers are developing bee-friendly husbandry.
The emphasis is not only on honey, but above all it is on the well-being of the bees – out of respect for life. When bees and plants interact, it results in a perfect food and remedy – honey.

Understanding the bee colony as one organism

Demeter beekeepers view the bee colony as a whole, as an organism, as a “bee entity”. It is more than a large number of individual creatures, it is a “being” with admirable abilities.

As the sun rises, the bee awakens and heads out to work, enlivening the animal and plant life around it. The life of the colony is based on a finely tuned organisation. For example, the heat in the hive is constantly being adjusted to meet the requirements of breeding activity and comb expansion, and to the outside temperature as well. This is achieved with highly complex communication among the bees – using scents, vibrations and dance movements. Through this highly developed form of interaction, “the bee entity” achieves more than each of its individual bees would be capable of.

This view of the bee colony organism has consequences for the practicing biodynamic beekeeping. Based on this respect for the bees, Demeter beekeepers approach the life of this organism with special methods of operation. We focus on the bee colony and its impulses, and support its natural needs and habits, especially when it comes to swarming, comb building, the queen bee, housing, location and winter feeding.

Bees are sensitive and open creatures; they are the ones who show us how we humans are treating the earth. In my work, I dive deep into their world. I strive to respect their rhythms and needs, and contribute to their health.

Jasper Heilmann, Imkerei Heilmann, Germany

Treasures from the bee colony

  • Demeter honey is particularly delicious and digestible. You can taste the difference! Ideally try to buy it from a local beekeeper, if you can!
  • Wax from Demeter beekeeping is unadulterated and, due to its purity makes it a sought-after raw material for medicinal and cosmetic products.
  • Healing propolis is the third gift from the bees. They collect it as a sticky resin from the buds of various trees. Propolis is a very effective natural antibiotic. It has been used as a remedy since ancient times. Today we find propolis as an antibiotic active ingredient in ointments and drops.

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Demeter honey

Find your Demeter foods at farmers markets and farm shops, in natural health food stores and supermarkets. All products labelled with the Demeter logo are not only certified organic, they go even farther by complying with the Demeter Standard for biodynamic farming.

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