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The biodynamic and Demeter community celebrated the 100 years of biodynamic farming on June 28 at Germany’s largest and oldest Demeter farm, the Brodowin eco-village, located in Brandenburg, north of Berlin. The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, Demeter e.V., and the Section for Agriculture reflected on their past achievements and looked to the future with around 280 guests from all continents, including international and national political representatives, various biodynamic and Demeter associations, farmers, researchers, and more.

Impressions of the celebration, © Eva Wolf, Demeter e.V.

The pioneering spirit still alive

What a fitting location the pioneering eco-village of Brodowin was for the international 100-year celebration of biodynamic farming. It was here that committed citizens sought to protect Brodowin’s unique nature after Germany’s reunification, and where farmers chose to adopt biodynamic methods within the Brodowin farmers’ cooperative.

The celebration officially kicked off with a cake-cutting ceremony. Throughout the afternoon, guests enjoyed farm tours and observed displays from various biodynamic organizations, including Bingenheimer Saatgut, dedicated to breeding organic and biodynamic open-pollinated varieties, and the  Forschungsring, focusing on research in biodynamic farming.

Several prominent political guests congratulated the biodynamic and Demeter community on their 100 years celebration. Silvia Bender, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany, found that “the pioneering spirit is still alive today”, emphasizing the innovative power of countless Demeter and biodynamic farms, which carefully and innovatively use resources through a closed farm organism, thereby protecting soil, water, and nature while promoting a sustainable agricultural and food culture.

Karen Mapusua, President of IFOAM Organics International and Director of the Land Resources Department of the Pacific Community in Fiji, congratulated the movement with an inspiring poem (see below to read the poem) that not only emphasised the particularly close relationship with the rhythm of nature, animals and soil, but also the strong community and dedication of the biodynamic movement.

Looking at the future together

The highlight of the evening was the inspiring keynote speech by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of the Club of Rome, who called for courageous steps to be taken in order to save the planet. Without addressing inequality, poverty, and the path to self-determination, achieving a comprehensive energy transition and a shift towards a new, sustainable economy, will be difficult turning the tide on planetary sustainability. However, she expressed hope that communities such as the organic and biodynamic movements will join forces with other actors to bring about the necessary changes in economic, energy, and food systems. After all, the power to change things lies in our shared relationships with one another.

We have come together here today not only to look back on the beginnings and successes of Demeter and organic farming, but also to look forward to the future. The challenges we face are great, from preserving biodiversity to ensuring sustainable food security for future generations. However, through the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture, we demonstrated that a different, holistic way is possible, based on respect, fairness and community.

Alexander Gerber, Executive Board of Demeter e.V. and Board member of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International

Additionally, a panel discussion was held with Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Ophelia Nick, BÖLW Board Chair Tina Andres, IFOAM Organics Europe and Bioland President Jan Plagge, and the newly elected co-chair of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, Jean-Michel Florin, reflecting on the past and looking ahead towards the future of organic and biodynamic farming.

Demeter and biodynamic farmers from all continents also shared the many contributions of the biodynamic movement in their countries, not only for nature and the environment, but also for community building through peace and mutual understanding. Biodynamic farming presents a vision for future-oriented agriculture and food production that is beneficial for people, animals, and nature, emphasizing a new, people-centered approach to working together and viewing the bigger picture.

100 Years Celebration Poem by Karen Mapusua

Download the full poem read during the ceremony!

Impressions of the celebration, © Demeter e.V.

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