Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables grown by Demeter farmers are fresh and full of flavour because they are harvested at peak ripeness. This means they are rich in important secondary plant substances and vitamins. In addition, fruit and vegetables are part of a cultivated landscape that is consciously designed, based on both seasonality and cosmic rhythms. In harmony with nature, these fruits and vegetables ripen on Demeter farms, providing valuable nutrition for body, mind and soul.

Why Demeter fruit and vegetable products are different

  • Vegetables and fruit grow on rich and fertile soil, better for plants, humans and the planet
  • Biodynamic plant breeding and seeds provide GMO and CMS hybrid free varieties
  • Limited peat content in growing mediums (max. 70 percent), means it is more climate friendly production
  • Ripeness of fruit and vegetables when harvesting, guarantees superior taste and more densely packed minerals, vitamins and flavonoids
  • Gentle, artisanal processing refines biodynamic raw materials, while retaining nutritional value

Gentle processing for the most vitality

Biodynamic processing uses the gentlest possible methods, to preserve valuable nutrition, ingredients and flavour. Thanks to this combination of gentle production and processing, Demeter fruit and vegetables, and the products made from them, have a particularly high antioxidant content. For example, juices are only allowed to be made directly from raw ingredients, not from concentrates.

On our biodynamic banana plantation we also grow high-value complementary crops such as coconuts, cocoa, legumes, papaya, soursop and cover soil plants. I also introduced bees and happy chicken to our plantation, along with several flowering plants. This helps me improve the health of my farming system and increase biodiversity and soil fertility. I produce wholesome fruits with the help of compost, bioferments, plant extracts and natural microorganisms instead of chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers.

Rámon Medrano, Banelino Banana Farm, Dominican Republic

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Biodynamic plant breeding

Demeter was the first organic association to develop guidelines for plant breeding and certify biodynamically bred vegetable and grain varieties. This guarantees the highest nutritional quality and the best taste.

Even at the start of the selection process, biodynamic plant breeders pay attention to vitality, aroma and digestibility. This also means more variety of taste is possible, thanks to regionally adapted varieties of plants, because site-specific breeding is part of the process.

Breeding according to Demeter standards preserves the integrity and fertility of plants and passes on their good qualities. This strengthens independence from expanding seed companies that act according to purely economic interests and increasingly rely on agro-genetic engineering. Demeter seeds are valued as a cultural asset – in the hands and responsibility of farmers and gardeners.

Benefits of open-pollinated biodynamic seed varieties

  • Respect for the integrity of the plant
  • Independence from seed companies that rely on agro-genetic engineering
  • Seeds remain the responsibility of farmers and gardeners
  • Natural development in Demeter-certified fields and gardens
  • Selection for vitality, aroma and digestibility
  • Site-specific breeding

Demeter fruit & vegetables

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