The Demeter Standard

The strictest standard for organic agriculture worldwide

The “International Demeter Biodynamic Standard” is based on our principles and democratically decided by our member organisations.

The Standard is an agreement on the minimum requirements that a biodynamically managed farm must meet in order to receive its Demeter recognition. Demeter farms are inspected annually for compliance with the Standard in addition to the organic inspection.

Biodynamic agriculture ensures high organic standards

We do recognise that this standard is only a minimum. Biodynamic principles also expect development, so although our licensees must meet the minimum, many exceed expectations and aim higher than our standard demands.  Each farm is unique, each farm manager has their own ideals.  Together we view ourselves as a development alliance, a community that goes far beyond the rigorous adherence to standards.

We offer four official versions of the Standard. Please note that in case of unclarity the English version is the deciding one. In some member countries there may be additional requirements, please contact your local organisation for more details.

The Standard for the certification of fish from Demeter/Biodynamic fresh water aquaculture is available on request. Please contact:

Social Responsibility Standard

Social Responsibility Standard

English Version – 2024

Social Responsbility Standard

Spanish Version – 2024

Social Responsibility Standard

German Version – 2024

Social Responsibility Standard

French Version – 2024

Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-corruption policy

English Version – 2023

How to become a Demeter farmer