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Presence of SEKEM and the Egyptian Biodynamic Association


The next United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) is coming up! It will take place from 30 November to 12 December in the United Arab Emirates. SEKEM and the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (member organisation of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International) will be present again, building on their successful presence last year.

Sekem, in collaboration with the Future Economy Forum and Now Partners, will set up its own Blue Zone Pavilion next to the entrance of the Agriculture, Food and Water Building. The Blue Zone Pavilion can hold 40+ people for interactive presentations and dialogues as well as working sessions.

Regenerative forms of agriculture

The thematic focus will be on the large-scale dissemination and financing of regenerative forms of agriculture and its products, such as regenerative, natural, organic, and agroecological.

The following topics will be highlighted:

  • SEKEM will present a Joint call for “Organic and climate positive agriculture” and announce the starting initiative “40,000 Farmers for a Regenerative Future in Egypt”
  • Vijay Kumar will present Andhra Pradesh Community Managed Natural Farming, a community-managed natural framing work with 1 million mostly female farmers in Andra Pradesh, India, which is now being expanded to Sri Lanka with the help of local partners. Other methods from other continents will also be presented that take into account the following key criteria, regeneration of people and nature, significant increase in farmers’ income and significant scalability.


SEKEM will also co-organise events in the Green Zone, including in the partnership pavilion of a very prestigious UAE foundation, as well as larger events and receptions in the auditorium and on the terrace of the beautiful Terra building, where all sustainability events were held during EXPO 2020.

The aim will be to host not only high-profile presentations and dialogues, but also working sessions to drive concrete results, and learning sessions where farmers will have the opportunity to learn from the excellent practices of others. In addition, event and office space will also be available for working meetings in Dubai.

For the latest event schedule, visit the website of the Future of Economy Forum.

Contact: Clara Behr

Brussels, 23.10.2023

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