Demeter Licensee information

Below you will find useful documents and information for all existing and ‘in conversion’ Demeter licensees. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Please find the application forms for producers and processors in three languages below. Completed forms need to be sent to your respective certification office.

Certification Application Forms for Producers/Farmers

Certification Application Forms for Processors

Relevant documents

The fee scale and the sanctions register are available on request. Please email to


The International Certification Office (ICO) of the Biodynamic Federation DemeterInternational e.V. works together with approved inspection bodies, which have trained Demeter inspectors, to carry out Demeter inspections in countries without an existing Demeter association. These Demeter inspections are carried out annually in addition to organic inspection. The following inspection bodies offer their services.

Inspection Bodies for Demeter Certification

Find addresses of approved organic inspection agencies for Demeter inspections

Useful Links

Find information about approved inputs here.

Click here to get to the Demeter Product Database.

Check out job opportunities (in German).

Becoming a Demeter farmer