Demeter Certification

Demeter certification is a guarantee for consumers that products come from biodynamic agriculture.

Demeter stands for farmers who are striving for health and resilience on their farms, who nourish the soil, protect the environment, respect the well-being of their animals and produce nutrient dense food.  It stands for those who value and respect their ingredients, treating them with care, tradition and time to create nutritious food.  Demeter aims for regeneration at all levels to create living contexts and communities in which we can all thrive.

Becoming Demeter certified

Becoming a biodynamic farmer or processor not only requires compliance with standards, it also involves a change in approach and understanding. By looking through the biodynamics section of this website you can gain insights into the principles that form the foundation of Demeter certification.

Find your community and get involved

We have member organisations in many countries all over the world.  You can meet other farmers and processors and see biodynamics at work on the ground and close to home. Learn more about biodynamics in a training course, or make contact with a Demeter recognized advisor who can give you personalised advice.

The Demeter certification process

Demeter certification is a regular inspection and review process according to the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard, which is carried out by different organisations throughout the world.
If you are in one of the following countries, please make contact with your local organisation: AustriaBrazil, Denmark, EgyptFinland, France, Germany, Italy, IndiaLuxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, SloveniaSpain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UK.

For anyone who is not in one of the countries with a certifying member, the Federation has its own certification organisation (ICO). Contact

Demeter Product Database

Our, easy to use, product database is a useful tool for farmers and companies looking for new markets. It also lists certified distributors. Click here to get to the Demeter Product Database. Find more information about market development.

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