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12 benefits of biodynamic farming

To celebrate the 100 years celebration of biodynamic farming throughout 2024, a specific benefit of biodynamic farming is highlighted every month to show how biodynamic farming can be a solution in improving soil fertility, fostering biodiversity, preserving our environment and so much more. April is dedicated to Healthy plants‘, the basis of all nutrition and an essential component of the farm’s vitality.

Vital and vibrant plants

As a source of nutrition for animals, human beings and soils, healthy plants are essential. Not only do they ensure food in its best quality, but they are also a reflection of the farm itself as they mirror the conditions in which they live. Vital and vibrant plants reflect the farm’s own vitality while unhealthy plants indicate problems to resolve on the farm. Therefore, caring for the plants is about caring for the whole.

Focus on plant resilience

Biodynamic farming aims to help plants develop in a healthy and balanced way, to access the full spectrum of nutrients they need, and become more resilient to pests, diseases, and extreme climate conditions. To strengthen the plants’ health and vitality biodynamic farmers follow good management practices such as the build-up of vital and fertile soils, the promotion of biodiverse environments, the use of the biodynamic preparations, and the choice of diverse and adapted seeds.

Vitalising additions: biodynamic preparations

The use of the biodynamic preparations is a characteristic of Demeter and biodynamic farms. They are vitalising additions for soil and plants which can act as a sort of remedy for the earth, enhancing the growth and quality of the plants. Preparations increase soil life, promote fertility from compost which in turn support stronger, more robust, and pest and disease resistant plants. They come in two forms: compost and spray preparations.

Contact: Clara Behr

Brussels, 01.04.2024

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