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Wholesome Organic Food

Food in its truest form. Pristine, unadulterated ingredients ensure that Demeter food is full of flavour and vitality. From the freshest produce to processed products, where very few natural additives are allowed, and only if truly necessary.
Demeter manufacturers put the quality and freshness of food above efficiency and technology that shorten production time or lengthens storage life, in order to just reduce the price. Craftsmanship in the production process is valued and results in digestible, delicious and flavourful food, packed with nutrition.

Strict standards for Demeter certified products

Before products arrive at the market or on shop shelves, we certify every activity along the supply chain falling within the scope of our Standard. From agricultural origin to the point of sale.  This means regular inspections are a necessity, but, our members do more than just stubbornly adhere to our guidelines and standards.

Every farm is different, and every farmer and grower has his or her own personal strengths and ideas. The development of each farm is a collaborative project with our respective local partners. We view ourselves as a developmental alliance, a community, that goes far beyond merely checking off standards.
Our members consider local conditions and form trustworthy relationships within the value chain, doing everything possible to find the best solutions for people, animals and the environment.

7 Good Reasons to Choose Demeter Quality

  1. Healthy organic food – higher standard than governmental labels like the one by the EU.
  2. Food and products full of vitality and nutrients – no GMO’s, no chemicals.
  3. Sustainable agriculture that ensures regeneration of the soil.
  4. Animal products without guilt, because Demeter standards ensure high animal welfare and our farmers treat their animals with the respect they deserve.
  5. Food and products made by people driven by values and care for the planet and society.
  6. Farms and producers who treat their land and enterprise as an individual organism, instead of a mono-culture extraction enterprise, that damages soil.
  7. Supporting a larger perspective and vision for agriculture upholding valuable principles and that strives for a better planet.

Demeter Products Assortment

Demeter producers and processors offer a broad range of healthy biodynamic quality products. From mild baby food, great breakfast options to a diverse variety of vegetables and meat from animal husbandry driven by respect. In addition, there are many processed foods like ice cream, soups and sauces available.

Did you know there are even cosmetic assortments with biodynamic herbs and ingredients as well as textiles from biodynamic cotton production available?

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The highest food standards


From the happiest chicken


Wines of character, rooted in their terroir


High animal welfare and quality is paramount


Only the freshest from field to fork


Minimally processed and pure