Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition.

The farmers who prefer to provide bigger roaming spaces and barns for their cattle, rather than cut their horns. The market gardener, who has been collecting the most promising seeds for ten years, to create a new biodynamic variety. The master baker, who, with love, time and great craftsmanship produces nutritious baked goods. The manufacturer, who works with their regional partners sustainably and fairly, just as they do with other biodynamic producers around the world. The consumers, who choose the best quality food they can find and who value enjoyment as much as responsibly sourced ingredients. All this is Biodynamics.

What does Biodynamics actually mean?

Biodynamic farming is a regenerative and holistic approach to agricultural, gardening and food production and processing. It has higher standards than organic agriculture, because it looks at the bigger picture and tries to put back more than it extracts.

Setting very high standards for organic farming since 1924. Developing from lectures given by scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, the pioneers in biodynamic farming have been developing this modern and future-oriented cultivation method ever since.

Biodynamic is the highest organic quality and regarded the most sustainable form of land agriculture.

Our approach ensures that the soil humus layer grows continuously, which sequesters carbon and therefore, is hugely important in view of climate change. Using techniques and soil preparations unique to the biodynamic approach, the promotion of soil fertility is paramount in biodynamic agriculture. Not only does this benefit soil, but produce is also allowed to develop and ripen as nature intended, resulting in food with flavour and aroma. Another core principle of Biodynamic farming is enabling diversity – of the farm, landscape and garden, always putting living ecological systems first.

In constant, respectful touch with earth, plants, animals and people.

7 Demeter principles

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