The Demeter Brand

Not just a regular brand

The Demeter brand does not belong to a global company. We are a global movement of farmers, manufacturers, and researchers that practice and value biodynamic farming methods. As a community we have developed common standards together. For people to recognise our high organic quality products from biodynamic agriculture we label them with the Demeter logo, guaranteeing the Standard. This trademark actually belongs to all of us in the movement – not just single stakeholders.

A powerful brand for the biodynamic movement

Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo
This quote poignantly expresses where Demeter as a powerful global movement, and brand, finds itself in the current market for biodynamics.

Demeter is the oldest organic growers’ association with the highest standards. For many decades, its agricultural principles and methods might have appeared to be unnecessarily high, but due to the climate crisis and a growing ecological awareness, many people are looking more closely at where their food comes from. This has led them to seek more credible alternatives to conventional, mass industry and food production.

True purpose of the Demeter brand

There has also been a drive and expectation for brands to take responsibility for the environment and society they operate in, resulting in many brands purporting to have ‘purpose’ or to be ‘eco-friendly’. But few truly bringing about the genuine conviction and structural changes to their operations that achieve this.

These expectations and awareness has seen a surge in popularity and demand for Demeter produce and products in many countries, but especially Germany, over the last few years. In 2020, Demeter was voted Germany’s most sustainable brand in a study commissioned by Stern magazine.

As an association and certifying body for farmers, producers and manufacturers, Demeter represents the interests of a biodynamic community. This stands for a common spirit, based on a holistic view of the world. This appeals to citizen-consumers now more than ever. This consistent way of thinking is part of the attraction of the Demeter brand.

The Demeter brand promise

We aim to deliver food that reconnects people to nature and themselves. This is a promise that breaks down the great spiritual intelligence of biodynamics, to a strong emotional and personal realisation. It is a promise to all our stakeholders: the Demeter farmers, processors, partners and consumers. A promise that goes beyond the best organic quality.

The world today is constantly aiming for growth, everything should be bigger, higher and stronger. The economy is growing, our wealth is growing, profit is growing, our existence is growing – all at the expense of our environment and our wellbeing. We humans are right in the middle of growth. Although we seem to move forward, many of us are feeling more and more uprooted and disconnected. We have lost the connection to our soil – to plants, to animals, to food, to the bigger perspective. As human beings, we should feel part of nature and that nature is part of us.

Connecting with nature

Demeter knows about this inner connection and reconnects us through biodynamic methods. If we treat our earth carefully, it will treat us well. The Demeter mark represents this connection and stands for food that should not just fill us up, but nourish our body, soul and mind.

Being part of the Demeter movement internationally, means we are also part of a larger organism, living with it and from it. Together we develop, grow our consciousness and grow beyond materialistic growth allowing people, animals, plants and soil to grow and develop together. We are all equal elements of a living system and should commune in harmony, trust and intuition. Being aware of our connection to the cosmic rhythm of life creates a balance that enables healthy growth, day by day, in harmony with life.

You will grow” is our promise to people. It communicates the multitude of ways that growth is possible. Whether it is the growth of seeds in soil, cultural projects, new forms of agriculture, innovations in animal welfare, other people’s personal development or spiritual ideas. It is a statement that speaks of our personal growth and our ability to cultivate or allow something else to grow.

Human development and our responsibility to the earth has always been at the centre of our philosophy. With this ideal in mind, we can communicate spirituality in a contemporary way, while at the same time being personable and direct.

Who is the real source of energy?

Biodynamic producers are central to our brand message. Their attitudes, values and convictions represent the whole community and value chain. Meet the makers!

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