Advisory and Consultancy

Self-determination and empowerment

Biodynamic advisory work supports biodynamic practices in the most diverse places in the world. It is aimed at self-determination and empowerment of the client.

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Our principle: collaboration

Advisory and consultancy work is nourished by the sum of experiences of biodynamic practitioners and by the exchange between biodynamic advisors and consultants. Collaboration amongst consultants enhances a broader and better understanding of the foundations of biodynamic practices and at the same time enables practitioners to develop their specific biodynamic field.

Support for biodynamic advisory

The Biodynamic Federation, together with the Section for Agriculture, supports advisors in:

1) The visibility of advisors through the Peer Review Quality System
The Peer Review Quality System is based on the charter, which deals with ethical matters such as transparency, respect, freedom of choice and confidentiality. The minimum criteria to be met provide quality assurance, while the peer review and self-reflection approach are intended to support quality development within the advisory work.
Participation is open to all biodynamic advisors who work in the national or international field and meet the required minimum criteria. All advisors who wish to work in projects for the International Certification Office (ICO) of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International must fulfil the Demeter requirements and be recognised by Demeter colleagues in the Peer Review Quality System.
All advisors – biodynamic and Demeter recognised – can be found on You will find all documentation, explanation video’s and the minimum requirements on that platform.

2) Exchange and training opportunities
More and more opportunities for exchange and training are created by or supported by the Biodynamic Federation and the Section for Agriculture.

  • The International Biodynamic Advisors Meeting
    Hosted and organised by The Section for Agriculture, each year in conjunction to the Agricultural Conference in Dornach.
  • The Advisor-To-Advisor-Training
    Online exchange between recognised advisors on local situations, challenges, dilemma’s and solutions out of the advisory praxis.
  • The Standards and Conversion course
    Online course held once a year for starting advisors to learn about Demeter Standards and how to develop a conversion process and plan
  • Training on changes to the Standard
    Online training on the changes decided by the Members Assembly the year prior to the Demeter Biodynamic Standard
The farmer’s task is to draw out the potential lying hidden in the given natural conditions of the landscape…Here the farmer becomes the artist of the future.

Jean Michel Florin, Head of the Section of Agriculture at Goetheanum, Switzerland

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