Demeter Meat Products

Demeter farmers respect the dignity of their animals. Their excellent treatment, as well as their biodynamic/organic diet, results in meat products that have high nutritional content and are full of vitality and flavour. When you buy 100% Demeter certified meat products you can be assured that even processed products, such as bacon or sausages, do not include the level of additives or nitrates that is currently allowed in organic products. For example, nitrite curing salt and meat tenderisers are prohibited.

The meat comes from animals that have access to fresh air and room to move, are not fed GMO’s or hormones, are not treated preventatively with antibiotics, and not forced to grow faster than comes naturally. Our farmers raise their animals to be healthy and resilient, adapted and suited to their landscape.
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Animal welfare comes first

The Demeter standards reflect the respect biodynamic farmers have for their animals, meaning they never painfully dehorn cows, debeak poultry or dock ears and tails. They are fed the correct fodder and pasture for their species and given enough space to roam free.

Ruminants especially play a central role in the biodynamic approach to farming, as their manure and the biodynamic preparations, result in significantly increased soil fertility and form part of the farm’s ‘individuality’.

Even at the end of their lives, Demeter farmers minimise the stress of animals going to slaughter with a preference for local certified abattoirs. Some biodynamic farmers are so committed to minimal stress at the end of an animal’s life, that they are even slaughtering on the farm. Read more here

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Demeter meat products

Find your Demeter food at farmers markets and farm shops, in natural health food stores and supermarkets.

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