Biodynamic Training and Education

Learning about biodynamic agriculture

Education, learning, training and knowledge exchange are some of the first steps of any newly formed Biodynamic Association. In regions and cultures of the world where, thus far, no organising structure exists, foundational activities that can start the impulse to gather a growing group of people interested in biodynamics are

  • learning to make the biodynamic preparations together
  • reading the Agricultural Course in a group
  • developing introductory courses

In other regions, education and training in biodynamic agriculture can have a long history, with specific institutes or organisations and (accredited) vocational education for biodynamic farming.

Educators and trainers meet every few years through conferences and meetings organised by the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum. The Federation and the Section work together to be in contact with educators globally, in order to organise knowledge exchange and provide useful services. The aim is to strengthen, in a culturally sensitive way, the activities of member organisations on a local, regional and national level. Services could include, translation of material, organised exchange, networking facilities and development of online courses.

Find training options in your region

This interactive map provides an overview of training or education of any type as currently known globally.

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