African Biodynamic Conference

A century of inspiration, growth and transformation


The Egyptian Biodynamic Association is launching the first African Biodynamic Conference from May 10 to 12 taking place in Egypt close to Cairo both at Sekem group premises and Heliopolis University.  In light of the 100 Years Celebration of biodynamic farming, the Conference aims to pave the way for an African agricultural future grounded in enhancing soil health, fostering biodiversity, promoting human well-being, and bolstering the economy.

Shaping an agriculture for the future

With a focus on climate resilience, youth leadership, and indigenous wisdom, the conference aims to shape a unique, regenerative agricultural future in Africa by exploring innovative approaches, share knowledge, and foster connections. The Biodynamic Conference will address the impact of biodynamic farming on different sectors: environment, economy, human development, research and development, climate change, and the Economy of Love standard.

Build a sustainable future together

International experts along with African and local practitioners will be present to engage in meaningful connections and collaborations. Among the key speakers Helmy Abouleish, president of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International and CEO of Sekem Group will be present, but also reachers such as Jürgen Fritz, research coordinator for biodynamic agriculture at Kassel University in Germany, and farmers like Trymore Samkange, biodynamic farmer at the Kufunda Community in Zimbabwe.


More information and registration for the Conference here.

Contact: Clara Behr,

Brussels, 11.04.2024

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