Leaflet on New GMOs

For a GMO-free agriculture!

New generation of GMOs

The use of GMOs is strictly prohibited in biodynamic farming and the Demeter standard, including the new generation of GMOs, also called new genomic techniques or new breeding techniques, the best-known one being CRISPR or CRISPR-Cas.

Yet, new political developments around the world aim to loosen regulations on new GMOs. This would have direct consequences for the organic and biodynamic movement since it would jeopardize the production of GM-free products. Transparency and labelling of new GMOs are essential to know what is on our fields and plates.

Strict regulation of new GMOs is the only way to preserve biodynamic farming and to reduce the risks to our health and the environment. Instead of relying on false promises from the industry that have high risk potential for human health and ecosystems, a real paradigm shift is needed to answer the challenges agriculture is facing today.

Our key political demands

To ensure the production of GM-free food and products, the following points are essential:

  • Governments must either strictly regulate or ban all GMOs, including new GMOs. No weakening of existing regulations on GMOs.
  • Mandatory labelling of all products containing any GM ingredient to know what is in our fields and on our plates.
  • Support for sustainable and alternative farming systems to GMOs such as biodynamic and organic farming.
  • Fund research to develop detection methods for new GMOs. No new GMO should come on the market undetected.
  • No patents should be granted on any form of life or its components that restricts the free access to genetic resources for everyone.
  • Independent research to investigate the effects of new GMOs on our health and the environment.

New Leaflet out

To get a grasp of the situation, check out our new leaflet below! It explains what new GMOs are, their risks and threats, the false promises behind the promotion of new GMOs, as well as the way forward towards a healthy, safe, and sustainable agriculture based on biodynamic and organic farming.

If you would like to get a more in depth understanding of new GMOs, you can also have a look at our position paper.

Leaflet on New GMOs

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Contact: Clara Behr, Head of Policy and Public Relations

Brussels, 08.02.2022

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