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Chick culling
Let’s give a future to male chicks! The highly controversial and unethical practice of chick culling is currently high on the agenda and will hopefully lead to a much-needed change…
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Animal Welfare
Animal welfare: our priority Essential part of biodynamic farming Animals, especially cows, play a central role in the farm organism. How come? Cattle in particular are essential, as they provide…
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GMO-free Agriculture
#NoGMO The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International stands for a GMO-free agriculture and strongly opposes the new generation of GMOs. The Federation has always taken clear stand for a GMO-free agriculture…
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Demeter quality soil fertility
Climate Action through Agriculture
Our precious planet Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges we as a species face today. Unless we drastically change the way we live, eat and manage our precious…
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crop Demeter quality biodiversity
Biodiversity is priceless
More biodiversity: how biodynamic farming increases the diversity on our fields Biodynamic farming understands the mutual interdependencies in the ecosystem and collaborates with all of nature’s stakeholders. Biodiversity is essential…
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Demeter Soil fertility
Soil is the basis for our food We need to protect our soils better! So that more people learn why this is so important, we at Demeter have started the…
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