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100 Years of healing the
planet through agriculture

Biodynamic since 1924

We are the worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture, a holistic, ecological and ethical approach.
Demeter is the brand for certified products from biodynamic farming.

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Biodynamics - starting from the ground up

Biodynamics is the world’s oldest system of organic growing. An inspirational global movement that promotes a uniquely holistic approach to organic agriculture, gardening, food and health. Today, biodynamic farming is one of the most sustainable and regenerative forms of agriculture in the world.

Demeter high Standard

Keeping up high standards

We certify all the producers and processors, who use care and craft, to bring biodynamic food to customers all over the world. The Demeter Standard and inspections ensure we realise our ambitions to deliver on our high quality promise.

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People, values and convictions

Behind every Demeter product, stands a person who has committed themselves to the values and principles of biodynamic farming. Meaning they see their farm as a self sustaining organism in respectful co-existence with mother nature. This healthy attitude of Demeter farmers, is the real treasure behind the products. It ensures vegetables, fruits and meat are full of love, dedication, courage, dignity, truth and joy.

Meet the Makers

Development is a journey.

Ours is not a fixed and ideal world with no shortcomings. We are a developing community in a challenging, ever-changing world. Our sights are set on the highest quality, fair relationships and the growth of biodynamic agriculture. We hope to inspire others with our ideals. By learning from our mistakes we try hard to improve – every step of the way.

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