Dear Demeter Licensees,

The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) would like to welcome the global biodynamic movement and support you in your Biodynamic/Demeter work. The Federation represents almost all Biodynamic and Demeter organisations in the world and is actively involved in its development.

As a Demeter licensee, you have been in contact with our International Certification Office (ICO), headed by Cornelia Hauenschild. The ICO is responsible for organising and maintaining the contractual relationship with your company or farm as a licensee, so that your products can be sold with a valid Demeter certificate.

In addition to our certification services, the Biodynamic Federation works to contribute to the global movement through various areas of work (market development, associative economics, training, advisory, lobbying & communications, etc.). The aim of this survey is to understand the main needs and challenges faced by our Demeter licensees around the world. With this information, the BFDI will seek to identify ways to support their development through its various areas of work.

We invite you to take 10 minutes to complete this short survey and help us to better support you.

Thank You.


1. Demeter Licensee:

2. The Biodynamic Federation-Demeter International (BFDI)

3. Local Biodynamic Associations

4. Certification

5. Demeter Advisory

6. Market Development & Associative Economics

7. Training

8. Communication & Policy

9. Administration and Finances

Final Comments